How To Address Simple Plumbing Emergencies

Even without the intention of becoming a professional plumber, every residential owner should still know some basic skills in addressing plumbing emergencies. Having basic know-hows in plumbing emergencies will truly go a long way in keeping you and your home safe when distressing plumbing troubles arise. You do not need to know everything as for the most part, it is a professional plumber who should address plumbing problems but you should at least know what to do initially following the emergency so to prevent it from worsening and to mitigate its possible effects. But what are the most common plumbing issues that you should learn to respond?

Busted pipes, leaking faucet and gas leaks are the top 3 reasons why people rush in for a plumber in their homes. But in case any of the above mentioned troubles happen in the wee morning hours or if you are having a hard time reaching out to a plumbing service, then you should at least do something to prevent this simple problem from turning into a plumbing disaster which can cause more damages to your home. Here’s how you may help yourself in times of plumbing failures.

Busted pipes, while simple in nature can turn into a disaster if water floods your home. So before this happens, you should know how to intervene right after a busted pipe incident as you wait for a plumber to reach you. The first you should do is to locate the shut off valves. There may be multiple shut off valves in your plumbing system and you should familiarize yourself on which valves are used to supply which part of the home. Shut this off to prevent water from leaking into the busted pipes and prevent from flooding your space. If unsure about the valves, turn off the main valve instead. Remain at ease while waiting for your plumber.

As with leaking faucet, this can be addressed by pulling off a DIY washer replacement. Loosen washer is often the primary reason for a leaking faucet. You should be able to replace this using simple tools. But before doing so, you also need to turn off the water valve to prevent heavy outpour of water from the faucet pipe. If you find this as a task too challenging for you to take, then simply close the shut off valve to prevent continuous water dripping and just call your emergency plumber at once.

Most homes today already have a centralized gas system and while it has made living more convenient, it too has some risks involved. If you happen to smell leaking gas in your home, immediately open the windows and door or better yet simply get out of the area and stay away. After which call your emergency plumber and have them inspect the place. Be sure to only get in the place after it has been declared safe by the authorities. This way you can stay safe and secured.

But before you experience all these emergency plumbings, it would be best to submit your plumbing system under the care of plumbing services companies for regular inspection and repairs.